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One New Thing
Monday, March 12, 2007
Some New Things: More choir library tips.

I know there are lots of choirs, orchestras and other musical community groups out there, so I hope some of the things I post on here will be useful to those people who are the “librarians” for their societies. My group has just had a concert where lots and lots of music got loaned out then returned (over 800 individual scores, in fact), so here are some of the new things I've learnt from that experience:

  • In community groups where you are loaning out your own resources to members, you have to look out for people who run out of time to participate and stop coming to meetings or rehearsals. I'm thinking two weeks missed in a row, and then I will be calling them to check if they plan to come back – with our music!

  • When making lists of who has what music, I had been making one list per score, but this got silly if we gave out multiple pieces of music in one night (i.e. “Can you please write your name down on these seven lists for me?”). So I have designed a new loans form which is in the form of a table, where the names of the people go down the side, and the titles go across the top (printed sideways to allow for more columns). Then I can write the score number in the appropriate boxes – every second row is shaded, to make this easier. One double-sided sheet can have about 60 names and 12 individual pieces of music. It should also make it easier to see if someone didn't receive a piece, and is also easier to back up.

  • My group returns music directly after concerts, which means the librarian gets a very big pile to sort through. Bringing many small boxes seems to be the trick if there are multiple pieces of music being returned, because that way people can sort as they return and when everything is back, you'll actually be able to lift the boxes.

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