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One New Thing
Thursday, February 08, 2007
One New Thing: To do lists.

It's probably very obvious that I need to be better at making useful to-do lists: for example, writing on this blog is one to-do list item that I haven't gotten to in months! I also need a list at work, to make sure that I remember all the little things I offer to follow up do get done. Having one slip of paper for each task worked quite well for me for a while, but became chaos whenever a breeze blew past my desk. So I made an actual list... half the stuff got crossed off in a day, the other half is tasks that will take several days or weeks to get through. That was when I realised that I needed professional help with list-making and ended up at 43 Folders, Building a Smarter To-Do List.
My big error was putting single tasks on my lists that actually involved a bunch of smaller tasks. e.g. If I was moving house, it would be silly to make a to-do list that included tasks like “Pack everything”.
I'm still trying to find or design a nice to-do list template that works for me...it's on my to-do list. ;)

Meanwhile on the topic of being organised I really want to share a very cool little app that I just discovered. PocketMod is a way of creating a little pocket-sized disposable organiser. All you need is one sheet of paper and a printer. Try it – it's fun! (Also a good way to use up old paper with only one side blank!)

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