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One New Thing
Tuesday, September 05, 2006
One New Thing:Where to find fundraising ideas.

Some time ago I made the comment that for those of us on library committees – ALIA ones, or otherwise – it can be hard to come up with different events. I finally went and researched events, particularly fundraising events, right where I should have started – in the library! I found a book I got a few ideas from, although of course it wasn't a book about library events; it was actually aimed at sports clubs. So if you're looking for ideas for next year there is stuff out there, it just may not be where you expect it to be.

I'm still hoping to have the Library Olympics – shelf hurdling, trolley races, relay races with a book balanced on your head...

Monday, September 04, 2006
One New Thing:Guy Kawasaki's Ten Things to Learn This School Year. (found via Stephen's Lighthouse)

This is a great list. :) I remember what I learnt at uni, and I know what I do in the workplace now, and these are so very useful and so very true! Read and learn.