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One New Thing
Tuesday, August 29, 2006
One New Thing: How to Make Friends and Influence People.

More from the recommended reading list from my leadership course – I think this one's a classic now, although it doesn't read like it was written 70 years ago!

My first impression of this book was probably established back in high school, when we found it on the library shelves and laughed at the title. When I picked it up a few weeks ago and looked at the chapter listing, it all looked a bit - submissive. Now after reading it, I see the point. Rather than actually just being friends with everybody, it's about getting to the stage where you and other people can comfortably communicate. And then, so that you can achieve what you set out to achieve and have the other person feel they have achieved their aims as well. If you work in any sort of client support role, or you have friends, or a partner, or children, read it. ;)

What's funny is that I picked up and flicked through a few more recent books on communication and dealing with people at the same time as this one, and although the terminology was different and the scenarios more up-to-date (e.g. emails), the concepts were pretty much the same. People mustn't have changed much...we've just given them technology, so they can have more avenues in which to be frustrated. :)

People have this huge legacy of genes, history and culture contributing to how they communicate with each other. It's difficult to break through that tradition of communication.

It's interesting how we tend to say things like you did in your post that "we have given them technology" or that technology is somehow a new thing.

People make technology. Technology has always been around. It is ever-evolving. While the pace of (information) technology change has picked up exponentially in the the last 30 years or so, consider technology change generally. My grandmother (85) marvels that when she was a child there was no inkling that flight would be something for the masses, and she is amazed at the changes that have happened in her lifetime.

The pace of technology change in the last 500 years has been extraordinary compared to the 2000 years before that.

We use the tools that are available to us - or we invent something new.

We are not some special case that we are more stressed or frustrated than previous generations because we have so many new things available to us. I'm sure previous generations had enough of their own stress and worries.

Imagine living through the industrial revolution, or being a villager in Europe having your lifestyle taken over by the Roman Empire.
Now they would have seen a rapid change in the technologies surrounding them.
thank you
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