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One New Thing
Sunday, July 09, 2006
Some New Things: On Friday I went to two presentations sponsored by QUT's Information Use Research Group:
Blogs, wikis and reference services: Discovering the Australian library context by Kate Watson and Chelsea Harper. Kate and Chelsea are doing a study into the use of blogs and wikis in reference services in Australian libraries. The results of the finished study will be presented at conferences at a later date – so I can't reveal what they told us. :) They did invite us to play on the wiki for the project at http://www.seedwiki.com/wiki/libraryblogswikis.

Also Bill Johnston and Sheila Webber of the Information Literacy Weblog presented on their findings of UK academic conceptions and pedagogies of information literacy. Some of the points I found most interesting is that teaching info lit skills as well as the actual subject matter for a subject can be quite challenging; also, when it comes to using technology, the person teaching really needs to be comfortable with using the technology themselves before they can be critical about the way it is used.

How true this is for learning management systems. ;)

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