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One New Thing
Monday, July 24, 2006
One New Thing:Skills for the 21st Century Librarian, by Meredith Farkas (link via librarian.net)

I like this list – could be just the area that I work in now, but project management, technology and software evaluation, and evaluating user needs are skill requirements that tend to come up a lot. Every time a client says “Hey can I use *insert name of new technology or software* here?” you're on the road to evaluating user needs, evaulating and comparing available technology or software, and setting off on a project to implement something!

I decided today that my old trend of only posting amusing links on Fridays isn't going to work anymore...so I'll just be random and post them as I find them. :) Recently I've come across two very catchy songs which have both come into being due to the Net Neutrality issue (this guide was produced by Google). One of these song says it all...Broadband's God Save the Internet. The other...well if you haven't heard the whole story, it's great, chase it up! Senator Ted Stevens features in the techno track A Series of Tubes.

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