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One New Thing
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
One New Thing: Seven habits!

I've just finished reading Stephen Covey's “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. I realise it's not the sort of book you're supposed to read cover to cover in one sitting but I had to (because I have to take it back to the library!) and I actually found it quite easy to read and understand this way – lots of examples to make it easier to understand how the habits can actually be used in real life. I like the fact that it's not just about managing people in a workplace, that it also covers relating to friends and family- I should have read this book when I was working in childcare years ago, it might have made it easier to settle playground arguments!

I particularly like the Circle of Influence, which I've come across in other courses before; but right at this moment I'm still pondering on the bit at the very end of the book where the activites of a day are prioritised according to different management theories. I'll let you read it rather than go into detail, but (spoiler approaching) I'm still trying to determine if it's really possible or practical to organise a day so that none of the “urgent” stuff actually gets done as listed on the to-do list...? (I hope I'm right in assuming it gets harder to work this way when you have to do client support. Even in the midst of creating new was of streamlining workloads...I still have to answer my phone!)

If you're wondering why the sudden interest in reading books on management theory - I'm doing a course on Fundamentals of Leadership through work, and this was recommended reading.

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