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One New Thing
Tuesday, October 25, 2005
One New Thing: Evidence Based Librarianship.

The EBL (Evidence Based Librarianship) conference was held last week in Brisbane and although I didn’t get to go to the actual conference, I was able to see a couple of the presenters doing a shortened summary of their papers. The concept of EBL is fascinating to me: it’s really so simple – practising librarianship based on evidence revealed through research, statistics, and client feedback. Yet applying EBL theories to particular projects for the libraries and librarians who presented has been very successful for them. My particular favourites of the papers I saw presented were Transaction log analysis @ State Library of Queensland (pdf) by Scott Hamilton / Helen Thurlow, and What can students' bibliographies tell us? - Evidence based information skills teaching for engineering students (pdf) by Fei Yu / Jan Sullivan / Leith Woodall.

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