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One New Thing
Friday, September 16, 2005
One New Thing: New technologies in libraries.

Last week I went to a half-day information session on new technologies in libraries (PDF). Definitely some interesting concepts for libraries to consider trailing for themselves: including ideas like using a wiki to build your FAQs on your website, so your clients can add/edit information as they wish; providing RSS feeds for new titles and items out on loan; and providing reference services and library hold/recall notices via SMS. What is great about these services is not only are they something that clients might use because the technology is already part of their everyday lives, but that the costs and maintenance of these services don’t cost all that much, according to those who have trialed them: some are even set up completely in-house by IT-savvy staff. (The libraries involved are listed on the flyer, if you want to visit their websites and find out more about what services they offer.)

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