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One New Thing
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Some New Things:

A post on Duelling Databases from TechnoBiblio covers the story of the National Institute of Health’s freely-accessible database facing a call to be shut down – because it is challenging the earning ability of a similar commercially-available database. Keep an eye on the outcome of this one if you can; it will be interesting.

From Blind Chance, a link to a nifty tool that strips web pages down to plain text. Loband works very well as far as I can see, and it turns my blog into…actually, it turns it into something where all the supplementary information (rather than the important stuff) is at the head of the page. Hmmmm. Possibly useful for testing accessibility as well as recommended to people who need text-only or low-bandwidth webpages.

Catalogablog on del.icio.us shows how you can combine tags with a + to show posts with both tags. (Is it my imagination, or is the “New+York+City” example picking up people who tagged things as “New York City” without realising the tags were separate?)

For myself, I quite like the new del.icio.us posting screen. If you haven’t used it before, or just haven’t posted anything for a while – take a look.

And for the sysadmins amongst us, have a go at coolcommands, a search tool for UNIX commands. Very neat!

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