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One New Thing
Sunday, April 17, 2005
To try and make up the appropriate number of One New Things, here’s a roundup of all the things that caught my interest most on others’ blogs over the past few days:

Via explodedlibrary.info, and confirmed when I checked my email, Meetup.com is starting to charge for services. This is a shame, because Meetup is one of those simple yet great services that may just be too simple for people to pay for. At least Australian readers can do what explodedlibrary suggests instead: use Getalife.

Via LibrarianInBlack, a link to this Web Builder’s Toolkit and specifically to some CSS templates and tools and generators. I can see where my next lot of free time is going. ;)

Via Catalogablog, this link to the Library Clips blog and a post on Social bookmarks so far… Social bookmarking seems to me to have sprung up out of nowhere and taken over the online world of late. This is a nice collection of thoughts on where tagging is, where it is going, and the folksonomy angle. (I’ve also just realised how many tools people are using that end in “.us” or “url”.)

Via Researchbuzz, a lesson in making sure you use multiple search engines: Yahgoohoogle.

And finally, my end-of-week link (yes you counted right, the second one): a story, Experience required, from the Feel Good Librarian. I hope someone makes the post’s last sentence into a T-shirt. :)

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