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One New Thing
Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Sorry about the larger-than-usual gaps between posts – it’s caused by general busyness. I don’t plan to give up the blog! If you are one of those who visits the page to read, try signing up for Bloglines or another newsreader so you don’t have to visit to see if I had time to post.

Some of the things I have been learning:

I’ve been looking at some of Eric Meyer’s CSS stuff, and there is so much of it to take in! Having originally learnt CSS to take the place of HTML elements on my web pages, I’m now working out what you can do with it that you can’t do at all in HTML – particular styles and functionalities, like menus and layouts in particular. Most of what I am doing at the moment is copying and pasting other people’s code and then customising it, but since I am starting to remember some of it and also just be aware of what sorts of things can be done, it’s working for me!

Discovered a use today (some things I access at work) for those Unix commands that I had to learn at library school for reasons that were never quite clear to me. Finding out that I may be able to use that information is reassuring, now I just have to find out if I can cope using text-only commands and no Microsoft “Are you sure?” warnings. ;)

Since I missed an end-of-week link I’ll try and squeeze in two this week, the first being NationStates. A friend introduced me to this online game where the only participation that is required is that each day you make a political decision which affects the direction your nation takes. When you read the FAQ, you find out that the game was actually developed as advertising for a novel, and the person responsible was the author himself Max Barry. And he has a blog which discusses the book, too, for all of us who have ever wondered what happens once a novel is released into the wild.

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