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One New Thing
Monday, April 25, 2005
Some new things:
Via Kept-Up, When iPod goes collegiate. If you have heard that some colleges are giving out iPods to students but didn’t know why, this article covers some of the uses students and professors are putting them to. The idea is to use the iPod as a portable storage and audio recording/playback device, not as something you use to play music on – although professors concede that this is what most students do with them when the iPods are off duty as study aids.

Via LISNews, Does more IM = a lower IQ? You’ll be glad to know the reported effects are only temporary, and really due to more to lack of focus on one task than an actual loss of intelligence.

Both of these articles bring up a point to ponder – the methods people use themselves to integrate newer ways of communicating and sharing knowledge into their everyday working or studying habits. For instance, students that meet in person on campus and exchange IM details can then reach each other from where they are studying at home and discuss classwork and assignments online. But one would imagine that these students also need the discipline to turn off IM programs when they become a distraction. The students with iPods need to recognise when to switch from music to course content. It’s a whole new set of study skills to learn.

And I wonder if academic libraries are having to come up with new sets of infolit classes on how to use an iPod?

While I am thinking of it, I came across this page with lots of resources for Instructional Improvement in Academic Libraries. Useful if you are looking for models of programs and schemes on teaching and learning.

For end-of-week links, here are two readers advisory type sites you may like:
- StoryCode.com - I was emailed a link to this site, which looks like it has the potential to develop into a useful tool. Reading the Help pages will give you an idea of how it all works.
- Smart Bitches Trashy Books (worksafe warning on this one) - You probably don’t want to send the majority of your romance-reading public to this site, but for those of you sneaking romance novels home for the corny entertainment value, this site is great fun!

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