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One New Thing
Thursday, March 03, 2005
One New Thing: Firefox security, and other browser musings.

Still hunting for clues on the right-clicking problem, I came across Three Flaws Surface For Firefox. The link-could-not-be-saved issue is the one I’m wondering about…and this article seems to be saying that this is a security feature. Odd, since some of the files I can’t save are very definitely .htm files (I know, because I made them). I’ve read in a few forums that you can open a .htm or .html file and right-click in it to save, but I’m not sure that will work for the other filetypes I’ve come across – must wait till I get to the PC with Firefox and Netscape on it. Strange to think how I now regularly go across using IE, Netscape, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla and Safari – in the library context, I can’t remember ever needing to know more than IE. Just out of interest, are there any libraries out there offering browsers other than IE on OPAC computers located in the library?

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