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One New Thing
Friday, March 25, 2005
One New Thing: The costs of learning.

Found via Issues in Scholarly Communication - Georgia State University Library, this article from the Harvard Crimson Online - Attack of the Wallet Killers. The article points out the prohibitively expensive prices attached to the required textbooks of some university courses. From experience I know this is true across all universities and all fields – in academic libraries, we get students every day desperately chasing copies of books they can’t afford to buy. There are only so many copies a library can purchase of a book that may only be used for a year – or even worse, has already been superseded by a new edition, but the old edition is being used as the prescribed text. It’s disappointing to know that in a world of information and online course delivery, the majority of students get the best access to required course information by splitting the cost of one book with a few classmates and timesharing that book through the semester.

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