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One New Thing
Thursday, March 31, 2005
One New Thing: Backing up Photoshop Elements.

Back on the topic of my latest software distraction: I was trying to use Photoshop Elements 3.0 to do the backups of all the cataloguing you can do on your photos. Thing is, you can do incremental backups straight to CD / DVD – however to be able to import off these media to do a restore, you have to use a blank disc and have nothing else on it but that one incremental backup. If the backup is smaller than the size of the disc – say the 200mb of photos you take in one afternoon and want to backup to a 4 gig DVD – you lose the rest of the disc space. And tricky things happen to the filenaming convention when you backup to your hard drive then burn that copy to CD/DVD, so you still can’t restore off the removable disc.

However after a night of experimentation, I find no problems with doing the backup to hdd, burning to a rewritable disc, and then if you need to do a restore, copying the files back off the disc before attempting to restore them. Then I figure I can overwrite the previous backup on disc every time I want to do a new backup.

I’ve just realised I’ve spent an evening cataloguing and archiving my photos. Once a librarian… :)

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