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One New Thing
Sunday, February 06, 2005
One New Thing: SQL querying.

This may sound odd, but I’ve discovered that doing things via SQL is actually easier than it looks – the syntax is pretty simple. Perhaps this is the librarian in me being accustomed to using endless conditions in a search string to try and find that one perfect article. ;) Of course there is still the challenge of wrapping your head around a big complicated database with an unexpected number of primary keys to overcome, but I expect that will get easier with practice…well, I hope so!
There’s a W3Schools SQL tutorial which I am intending to go through when I have a chance, but since I have real techie people around me to do the hardcore techie stuff, I’m just picking it up as I go for now.

End-of-week link: Jessamyn pointed to this one a week or two back: Wacky and Weird Subject Headings. Surely the list can be made much longer (and weirder) than this? :)

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