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One New Thing
Sunday, February 27, 2005
One New Thing: SQL Joins.

I’ve gotten the hang of looking up data in individual tables (well that’s not too hard, the program I’m using drops in most of the syntax for me!) and I can do simple adds and deletes without too much trouble. Now to start heading into joining tables, with the help of W3Schools SQL Tutorial:
Since their example is pretty straightforward, referring to two tables isn’t as hard as it looks when you are trying to return more than 2 columns (which I’ll have to work on doing later). The query is just
SELECT column1, column2
FROM table1, table2
WHERE table1.primarykey1=table2.primarykey1
Whether or not I will be able to get what I want from that query will have to wait till tomorrow. Next I’ll have to get into sorting and removing duplicates and other fun things. :)

End-of-week link: This is a very funny piece from a blog called Complete Tosh, about the interaction of people and their toys: "My iPod has a personality!" No, really. It doesn't.

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