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One New Thing
Wednesday, February 16, 2005
One New Thing: Doing things the Macintosh way.

The first computer I ever learned to use was a Mac: I was about 9 years old, and we used it for playing some sort of maths game. Then I think I mostly ignored all computers, until I decided to become a librarian and couldn’t avoid them. Now, I support people who are using both PCs and Macs, so I have had to become aware of what the differences between them are. After using a PC, many things on a Mac seem odd…but I’m told that to Mac users, many things on a PC seem odd! The Macs I have been playing on lately have been using PC mice, so I haven’t had to be confused by the right-click / ctrl-click issue. I’ve established that the little traffic lights you use to minimise/ maximise/close programs are on the opposite side to what you think they are, and that when you minimise, programs don’t disappear into a void – they are also just on the opposite side to what you think they are, and then are subtle icons not rectangular boxes. And I managed to install a browser – after I dragged the icon from the desktop around and around for a bit, I found the Applications folder and dragged it there, and it installed! A small step maybe, but quite exciting for me. ;)

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