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One New Thing
Thursday, February 10, 2005
One New Thing: Blogs as research notepads.

Kept Up linked to Academics give lessons on blogs, an article describing how some academics and students are starting to use blogs as a way of recording and distributing information about and keeping track of their notes on their topics of interest. I’ve posted before on how useful personal pages kept by experts can be – the ease of publishing of blogs will probably make this more apparent, I think. So I hope academic librarians at institutions that support their staff keeping blogs are adding these to their library catalogues, particularly if they are hosted on non-institutional servers. I’d like to think that if librarians can be aware of information and resource sharing trends like these that are likely to grow, at least in the short term, that we can keep track with them as they develop. Imagine having to rely on Googling for a blog on a topic, then having no information on who the author is to judge whether the information they are blogging is reliable?

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