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One New Thing
Sunday, January 30, 2005
One New Thing: The worth of PHPs (Personal Home Pages).

Webology, the new online LIS journal, has an article in the first issue about Personal home pages as an information resource. It outlines some of the studies that have been done surrounding PHPs, and discusses their value as an information resource.

There’s a suggestion that librarians might be discounting information on someone’s personal page simply because it is a personal page – I hope not! Often I’ve found information on personal pages, written by professionals and hobbyists in their out-of-hours lives, which gives new opinions on the topic or is much easier to understand than similar information from more overtly-reliable sources. (Of course you would want to check the author’s credentials and the date the material was posted, same as you would on any webpage.)

End-of-week link: Left-handed? There's college money for you. I’m wondering now what I might have missed out on when I started studying…

(Link via The Kept-Up Academic Librarian)

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