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One New Thing
Sunday, January 23, 2005
Just for kicks, I’ll skip the One New Thing banner today. :)

Sorry that my posts have been a bit vague lately – I’ve been working mainly on building one website at work (from that I have learnt to use caption tags in my tables, and to always check the source code when deleting things in Dreamweaver because “delete” rarely means “gone without any trace of any code associated with that element”). I’ve also had very little time to read any blogs or mailing lists – the number of unread items in my email and Bloglines is starting to look quite daunting. ;) However I’m hoping to catch up over the next few weeks!

On another note, I realised today that I began this blog a year ago this month. It’s had just shy of 10 000 hits to the index page, and I (and all of you reading!) have learnt about 160 new things. Thanks for your support and comments over this time, I really appreciate it! I’ll be continuing this year, staying with 3 posts a week for the moment.

End-of-week link: Icon Story is strange, but sort of cute. (Be prepared for sound when you open the link.)

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