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One New Thing
Friday, December 10, 2004
One New Thing: Library toolbar!

Librarian in Black pointed to this: the Jackson Library at Stanford Graduate School of Business has its own library toolbar. How fantastic an idea is this! We’re always thinking of the best way to place links to resources in places where students will learn to find them, or in places they are likely to use them, and a toolbar is a fantastic way to accomplish this. I’d like to download it to try it out but I don’t think it would work well for me (not being a student): however, it looks like you can search the library catalogue from the toolbar, link to lots of resources and services, and there’s a link straight to Ask a Librarian. Wow, I’d love one of these for my library! :) Even better would be if there was search functionality built in for databases as well as the catalogue (yes, that would require a bit of federated search technology) - and it would also be great to have it compatible with more than just IE.

Friday link: someone on NewGrad this week pointed to My Favourite Book, an Australian Top 100 list from the ABC (that’s Australian Broadcasting Corporation). It’s different to any other Top 100 book lists I’ve read lately – I'm not sure how they collected these titles, I was a bit surprised by number 16, but then I’m not a public librarian, so what would I know? :)

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