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One New Thing
Friday, December 17, 2004
One New Thing: I-wish-worked-there phenomenon.

Two pieces of news from LISnews: the first being an article in Library Journal, Library Buildings 2004 -- Great Libraries in the Making. Institutions that are building new libraries (or doing major refurbishing of existing libraries) are coming up with such fantastic ideas! The trends I have noticed in recent literature and local libraries include opening spaces to get more natural light, paying greater attention to the visual impression at the entrances to libraries, and wiring (or should that be wireless-ing?) for better access to technology. I’m glad that we are now hearing more and more about library spaces being designed specifically for their user groups; I think it demonstrates that the profession is highly committed to serving each community as best it can. I’ll bet every librarian reading this post is looking at the first library in this article and thinking, wow, I wish I could work there!, because although all the ideas are being used in other contexts in other service industries, it’s something groundbreakingly new for a library. (Teaser: there will be no circ desk!!)

This Friday link is something that caught my eye because it is another wonderful and beautiful way for libraries to draw the external community in. Barks of approval for literacy explains how Douglas County Libraries have a program where children have the opportunity to come into the libraries and read books – to dogs. The kids love the chance to entertain the dogs by reading to them, and the dogs never complain when someone gets words wrong, or goes too slowly, or reads the same book over and over and over again. The kids are improving their reading and speaking skills as well as seeing the library as a fun place to be. What a great idea!

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