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One New Thing
Wednesday, December 15, 2004
One New Thing: How to rove.

Roving reference was being discussed on Libref-L over the past few days. The consensus seemed to be that roving is a great idea, as long as you aren’t pushing too much in people’s personal space. I agree with the person that said you don’t even need to walk around asking everyone if you can help – you can just go past and say, how are you going, or is that working ok for you? Or even just walk past and check the paper in the printer, as long as you don’t look too busy to be asked anything. I’ve found tidying things up works pretty well – walk around and straighten things, push in chairs, pick up the bits of scrap paper with call numbers on them – no one thinks you’re too busy to interrupt when you’re working hard at lining up the edges of the pamphlets!

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