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One New Thing
Monday, November 08, 2004
One New Thing:Thoughts on knowledge uses.

This was actually just a random thought I had today: working as I do now supporting a particular software product, it’s interesting reading about other people using the same software in other institutions and finding out what different ideas they have had about to best apply it to fit the needs of their users. The software I am talking about is Blackboard, and a very cool tool that the author posted to a mailing list today was this Blackboard Browser / Computer Diagnosis tool. This is such a simple idea, which could make solving a multitude of content access problems over the phone so much easier!

Now, just a few administrative notes:
Since working in the support role (for Blackboard) I’ve found that I’m learning less to do strictly with libraries, since I spend my work hours learning other things (except for the mailing lists which I wouldn’t want to give up!). I originally set up this blog to write about and reflect on things I had learnt, but so far I’ve kept it mostly focussed on what I did in a library role. I’ve decided to stretch the boundaries of what I blog about further, to cover more of what I am actually working on, even though it isn’t strict librarian’s business. :) I do hope the librarians among my audience are just as interested in what a librarian venturing outside of the library learns, just as much as one who sits behind the ref desk.

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