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One New Thing
Saturday, November 06, 2004
One New Thing: Wiki ideas.

I discovered a post that was on Catalogablog about possible uses for Wikis in libraries which when you track back seems to have stemmed originally from a post on Advanced Wiki'ing with Library Tools by the Digital Librian. These are wonderful ideas – use a wiki for subject pathfinders, so that local experts in the field who aren’t library staff can add their ideas, experience and search tips. I also think using wiki for the staff procedure manual is a fantastic idea – so much easier to keep updated, and what better time to identify and fix unclear or incomplete info than when the new hires encounter it for the first time?

Just so you know, I think I’ll start calling the Friday link the end-of-week link. ;) I’m picking one that I found some time ago but have recommended to a few people of late because it is very funny. (It’s probably something you want to save for home rather than work, though.) Shakespeare as you’ve never known: Pericles, Prince of Tired Plots.

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