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One New Thing
Friday, November 26, 2004
One New Thing: Wiki, and information wanting to be ‘free’.

This article was discussed on Libref-L this week: The Faith-Based Encyclopedia. It’s a review of Wikipedia, by a former Encyclopedia Britannica editor. What makes it interesting is that is from someone with a professional standpoint on encyclopedias – it’s very, very critical, but interestingly enough, he doesn’t discount it completely – just finishes with basic librarian advice: use it, but be aware that the source may not be reliable.

I’ll make Friday’s links relevant to this post: first, how about this page at Wikipedia of Errors in the Encyclopædia Britannica which have been corrected in Wikipedia http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Errors_in_the_Encyclop%C3%A6dia_Britannica_which_have_been_corrected_in_Wikipedia. Also there have been a few experiments done by people testing the integrity of Wikipedia – some errors stayed in Wikipedia, other errors were fixed straight off (but the errors were more prominent).

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