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One New Thing
Wednesday, November 24, 2004
One New Thing: Interactions between library systems and Learning Management Systems.

I found this article from Library Journal: Learning Systems & Us. It’s an overview of what kinds of interactions are possible between a library system and online teaching software (such as Blackboard or WebCT). Beyond just making better links from students’ course material to journal articles, there are suggestions such as having the teaching staff design a search strategy specific to a course, which can then be run automatically using a federated search product, straight from a link in a course site.

The librarian in me has two thoughts on this. One is, great, very easy for students to find higher quality resources than they might if they used a plain old search engine. The other is, when no such link exists, or they want to write an essay or a thesis about a different topic later in their academic career…do we have to wait until then to teach them plain database searching skills?

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