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One New Thing
Thursday, October 28, 2004
One New Thing: The wonders of technology!

A coincidence that a technology-related post on librarian.net is vaguely similar to what I was going to say (!). We all sat in the dark for a short time today, when something to do with the electricity supply made the power cease to be. Really makes you realise how much you rely on technology (and lights, particularly in the bathrooms). It demonstrates how difficult it can be to manage client expectations in a service environment, because you can’t always control the unexpected. It also made me more aware of
what things I still don’t know about the system I’m currently working in
a support role for – not that I *need* to know these things, but I do know
that the greater your awareness of the technology that surrounds you, the
less likely you are to get tripped up when it all goes horribly wrong. :)

Addendum: Blogger was down when I tried to post this last night. My point demonstrated! :)

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