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One New Thing
Saturday, October 16, 2004
One New Thing: Thoughts on cross-skilling.

The ALIA Newgrads were discussing what subjects people studied at uni in addition to their library subjects. It makes you realise that librarianship attracts people from a range of backgrounds, and that librarian skills have such broad applications across topic areas and across careers, particularly when combined with skills you can gain from other areas of study. I get the impression, though, that for new librarians, it will be many years before they can build up the experience and credibility to get accepted for the jobs they set their sights on at graduation. Did everyone see Marylaine’s article on recruiting new librarians, The Right Hand Knoweth Not… ?
Anyway, I hunted around yesterday for blogs to help me keep up one of my university-learned skills: I studied French, and it turns out I can find blogs by French librarians. :) They’re on my Bloglines public subscriptions.

Friday link this week is actually a Saturday link (because somehow it got to be Saturday already!): obviously they weren’t as strict on chasing down missing books in the past, because a Scottish library has just recovered a Library book '100 years overdue'.

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