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One New Thing
Monday, October 04, 2004
One New Thing: More interview / resume tips.

Firstly, apologies for missing Friday’s post – I was doing other things and ran out of time!

Eli posted a few days ago on the topic of Tell Me Why, basically a rundown from an experienced library professional on what interviewers may or may not look for in a job candidate, and what makes one person stand out over another with similar experience. To me it seems that what people look for is someone who acts how I think of a professional acting – knows their profession, is involved in developing themselves, is confident about and able to explain what they do, and shows a genuine interest in the job and the workplace environment. Unfortunately for anyone just isn’t interested in some of those aspects, I think it would be pretty easy for interviewers to pick the people who weren’t into any of these things.
I will add that, having never been on an interview panel…I don’t envy anyone the task of choosing between multiple perfect candidates. It’d be interesting to read up on how that is best accomplished: if anyone knows any good resources please do post them in the comments.

And since I missed the Friday link, I’ll make up for it by giving everyone a Monday link. I have no idea where I ran across this last week, but it’s pretty fun – examples of “anomalous motion illusion”. Do heed the warnings if you are sensitive to strangely moving objects – otherwise, enjoy!

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