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One New Thing
Friday, October 29, 2004
One New Thing: Impressions and approaches.

I got an email today, which I have investigated a bit, and it seems to be legit. It looked like it was from an author of a new book, and said that since he thought librarians might not hear about his book through normal channels, he would like to introduce it himself, and he would only email the once and not give email addresses to anyone else. The press release for the book was included.

Whether or not this email was for real, this approach made me question how useful the book is, how reputable the publisher is, and even if I had been responsible for selection (which I am not) I don’t think the email would have swayed my opinion toward purchasing the book. More than anything, it just made seem the author and the publisher look unprofessional. You’d think that getting kind of image would be something people would be trying to avoid. I try and remember to think twice about everything I send, or post, or communicate to the world at large in any way – once from my point of view, and once from the point of view of the receiver. Maybe email programs should come with a popup warning – “Are you really, really, really sure you want to send this message?”

And now for something completely different – Friday link! Apparently, in some places, squirrels are considered a pest. But we don’t have squirrels in Australia so when I saw this page on Squirrel Fishing - A new approach to rodent performance evaluation, I thought it was just too cute for words!

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