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One New Thing
Monday, October 11, 2004
One New Thing: How the world Googles.

Librarian.net pointed to this post from LibraryTechtonics about a site called Can’t Find on Google. The About Us page says that the site is the project of one person, helping Google out by letting them know what people can’t find: as Andrea points out in her post, it’s also useful for us as librarians to see how people search. Some of these are obviously not serious posts, but you can get the idea.
Coincidentally, someone made an interesting comment on the Libref-L list today about using Google as a research tool (I hope that link into the archives will work for everyone). It was in response to comments about how people will come to a librarian for help after finding nothing with Google. I agree with the point that if they come to the desk and all they have tried is Google, and even if all they have tried is 2 or 3 combinations of search terms, at least they have tried *something* on their own, and have come to someone who can help further. Which, in a way, makes sense…after all, not everyone is a librarian. :)

(P.S. Anyone tempted to add some cheeky comment of thankfulness about my last sentence, see me after class!)

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