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One New Thing
Friday, October 08, 2004
One New Thing: Creative Commons licensing.

Seen the little button on many webpages, but what does it mean? A Creative Commons license is a type of copyright agreement creators can choose to have applied to their work so that you can offer some of the rights to the work to anybody, under certain conditions. A rundown of the types of license are available on the Creative Commons Licences Explained page. And, I am pleased to see, there are projects happening to import the Creative Commons license to Australia.

Friday link time: I had to go find one today, I haven’t run across much interesting this week! But I noticed that other people than me using del.icio.us have started using the tag “amusements” (only a few people though!) and that a lot of people pointed to the Scribbler. It’s like Mr Squiggle, but without the puppet. ;)

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