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One New Thing
Friday, September 10, 2004
One New Thing: Web design and layout in Photoshop.

OK now is the time to confess: up until now, any time I made buttons for websites, I made them in Word then copied them into Photoshop to save them as gifs. It worked, but wasn’t terribly pretty! Today I spent some time checking out some online tutorials on using Photoshop for web graphics and layouts. And it was atually quite easy to pick up. It’s just a matter of adding some shapes and text then playing with all the image tools to see what happens – well until you learn what they can do, and then I suppose you could apply effects deliberately. :) Adding the graphics to web pages is quite easy too, it’s just using tables and frames and CSS to control how your text sits over and around the images. A site I found a lot of useful information on was Pegaweb Web Design & Photoshop Tutorials so if you want to try, I would recommend starting there.

For a Friday link: This is an entertaining look at how one person set about cataloguing his private library, entitled Why Alexandria Burned. Isn't it true that books multiply once you remove them from their shelves then try to put them back?

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