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One New Thing
Friday, September 03, 2004
One New Thing: Technology and learning

The role I am in now is in the area of online learning, technology and learning, etc. Having studied in the field of Education in the past from a secondary, classroom-based perspective it’s fascinating to come and be involved with products that can enable the whole of a tertiary-level subject to be taught online to very remote participants using online group spaces for chat and file exchange, amongst other things. Typically of course I’m wondering how this sort of approach could be applied to increase the involvement of remote library users in a similar way: but except in the case of infolit classes, I’m going to have to continue thinking. Hmmm, has anyone ever conducted a “How to search the library catalogue” course via chat, to remote users?

Anyway, Friday Once Again, and we might as well make a fun one since last week’s was serious. ;) Find yourself some .jpg images online…then convert them to ASCII text using JPG 2 ASC. The results will amaze!

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