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One New Thing
Friday, September 24, 2004
One New Thing: Some cool things I saw on Wednesday!

Yes, I learnt these Wednesday and it’s now Friday, but you know it’s the learning that counts. :) At the tradeshow at ALIA Biennial, we got to see firsthand some of the cool new toys that are available for libraries these days – like the RFID tags and a returns chute designed to be used with them (you dump in the books in a stack…and it reads all the tags and checks them all in, and will print a returns slip if you want!). I asked about patron ID cards and patron privacy, and it turns out that for 3M stuff, the security tag and the RFID tag are two different beasts, and the gates read the tag as a book exits the library the same way they do currently – they can’t read the books’, or the patrons’, details. There were some more great ideas, but I’ll wait till I have time to go through my pile of brochures to make sure I get all the details right. ;)

Friday link: I know this is a few weeks old too…but if you haven’t already, download and have a listen to the Jonathon Rundman song, Librarian. Even if you’re on dialup and it takes an hour, it’s worth it! Do we start playing this at conferences yet? :)

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