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One New Thing
Friday, September 17, 2004
One New Thing: Privacy online – no not your patrons’, yours!

LISjobs' September 2004 Recommended Resources included a link to this article: Interviewing: Beware Blogging Blunders. It’s not specifically about blogs, as it covers the importance of maintaining a careful balance between personal and professional representation in job applications and interviews, but there are reminders throughout that anything you should choose to do online (under your real name) is public and could be searched by a potential employer. It’s definitely a point to consider when you are writing a blog, posting to a library mailing list, posting to a non-library mailing list, leaving comments on guestbooks, running or being associated with any website…there are definitely positive aspects to using a nickname to get through your online personal life!
Friday link: I ran into this article whilst searching for something else yesterday, and it is certainly worth a read. There are several moral aspects to this story which could get you thinking: but if nothing else, it’s a curious story. It’s called Turn Back the Spam of Time.

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