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One New Thing
Monday, August 30, 2004
One New Thing: More web stuff.

I’ve been playing with websites again the past few days. I’ve worked out I should use Dreamweaver for the cutting and pasting stuff, and for putting in images, then go through the code by hand to work out all the weird stuff. ;) I put some basic javascript stuff in a page the other day, but I have to admit that for all the times I’ve started with javascript I’ve always ended up a little bewildered – even those fantastic w3schools people haven’t been able to de-confuse me. It seems that you can do heaps with javascript once you work out what it is capable of doing…but how do you work that out if you have absolutely no experience with the code? Maybe I should be trying to work out what WYSIWYG programs are about that will generate the code for me, then I can see how it works?

Bravo !
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