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One New Thing
Wednesday, August 18, 2004
One New Thing: The importance of timing in teaching and learning.

We had some people presenting at work yesterday about study and research they had done in the infolit area, and several of them pointed out the importance of giving instruction at the time it is needed, and of making it relevant to real life. I was thinking of this concept in relation to the way that I do things with this blog, and there are definitely a lot of things I’ve learnt in the past 8 months that I would not have learnt (or remembered) had there not been someone around to teach me what I was looking at and how to deal with it at the right time.

With students though that is problematic – until you see them sitting at a library catalogue terminal, in the library itself, looking confused, no one might ever realise that a group of students has completely missed any information literacy instruction. Having supportive academic staff who will plan with library staff to fit infolit into the curriculum is great: then of course you will get some students with library instruction happening in multiple classes, and others with none. I guess what I’m wondering is: do individuals come to library staff if they have not had structured classes; or maybe, if they prefer to wing it and cope with what skills they have, should we worry?

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