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One New Thing
Friday, August 06, 2004
One New Thing: A few interesting things.

Finally getting the time to get back to reading library blogs (as opposed to having no time to read blogs at all!) I’ve come across a few interesting things.
Via Library Stuff: Messaging Tool Taps Social Nets, a short article about how researchers are developing a messaging tool that will help you find someone who has the knowledge to answer your questions. I wonder if that will work, if chatting with librarians doesn’t – seeing as that sounds kind of like a libarian job to me? Hopefully it will be a little more reliable and fast than people say chat software has been.
Via Librarian in Black: What, Me Register? is a great little expose of sorts on the phenomenon of having to complete registrations before you can read newspapers and other publications online. It seems completely pointless, from a customer service perspective, to me – considering I know how many snowboarding spinsters there must be out there. ;)

For a Friday link, you might like to browse through the Forbidden Library, which is an interesting tour through the reasons why books become challenged or banned.

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