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One New Thing
Friday, August 20, 2004
One New Thing: Dreamweaver again.

Well I’ve been trying to use it, like I said I would: and I think I’m ok with it…but I still don’t like it! It put < h3 > tags around my images?? And I can’t work out how, in the WYSIWYG view, you get rid of extra table rows – I can delete the content, but the rows? I’ve learnt to use the code view if I can't work it out otherwise…

I think it’s just too late on a Friday to try and work these things out. :)

Friday link time: well I haven’t done a lot of library-humour type surfing this week, but I have one from a few weeks ago I don’t think I ever posted. Did everyone catch the piece on Seattle’s new library as the Killer Library? Taking health and safety concerns to the extreme!

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