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One New Thing
Friday, August 13, 2004
Happy Friday 13th! :)

One New Thing: Fixing something and not knowing how.

Is that something you learn, or something that just happens, I wonder? I fixed (or perhaps disguised) a bizarre Win 98 problem by changing the boot order in the BIOS away from CD-ROM, where it seemed to get stuck – but trying to find out why that worked I’ve discovered all BIOSs are so completely different to one another there’s not much online in the way of generic instruction, other than “read the instructions on the screen”. So still completely in the dark…but if the PC’s fixed…

Friday this week I’m putting up two links, since I originally saw them together and they work nicely together. From Ubergeek, take a look at the animation Switch to Linux. And then check out the grainy but funny video going by the name Mac Killed My Inner Child. Both of these have been floating around work lately: it’s good to know I’m learning such useful stuff there. :)

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