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One New Thing
Wednesday, July 07, 2004
One New Thing: A thought about tattletaping procedures.

Searching about to try and get an idea of the best way to apply a tattletape (or any similar protection) to an item I put together and bound (you know plastic coil, clear plastic cover, cardboard backing) I noticed there are lots of universities, in particular, that publicise their tattletaping procedures clearly on their websites, for staff use presumably.

Wouldn’t that be a good way to let unscrupulous patrons know where the tattle is, how it is attached, or in fact which items are not tattletaped as a matter of course, and could just be walked out of a library? I know we discuss tattletaping and other means of collection security on mailing lists with public archives, amongst other places…I’m just concerned about the specifics such as “don’t tattletape items from the ______collection of this library”.

And I didn’t find any ideas on how (where) other people apply tape to things that are bound, after all!

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