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One New Thing
Wednesday, July 14, 2004
One New Thing: How to remove programs that don’t want to be removed.

I’m sure Yahoo! Companion is a great tool for some, but I’ve acquired it via the inherited PC and would like to remove it…however, it would seem that it doesn’t want to leave! Add / Remove Programs is the obvious way but it won’t go from there, so I’ve been looking for other ways to get rid of programs that don’t appear in that list. Microsoft suggests Yahoo! Companion has to be switched off from inside the Companion, so that will be my first step. Other options for various programs seem to be to look in the program folder where the program is installed for an uninstall file to run (off the Start menu, or just in Windows Explorer), or (I imagine in more extreme cases) to manually edit the Registry. There are programs you can use to uninstall and clean up the computer too – far too many for me to mention!

I won’t be posting again until mid next week sometime – hey, if anyone finds a great link for Friday, feel free to post it in the comments so no one misses out by my absence! :)

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