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One New Thing
Friday, July 02, 2004
An Announcement

For the next few months, I am taking up a new position in my workplace. I mention it because at this stage I can’t be sure how it will affect my opportunities to find things to write for this blog, for two reasons: one, I will be working with systems very specific to the organisation I work for; and two, I’m not working in the capacity of a librarian.

So firstly, my apologies, but I may no longer update the blog daily as I have attempted to do until now. But there will still be updates!! (Particularly as since I am spending six months out of libraries I will want to make sure that I am keeping up!)

It is still Friday though, so I have found a Friday link. I ran across this on del.icio.us today. It’s an article called Ghosts in the Machines which discusses what happens to the online profiles and other information of people, in this case young people, who die. Not exactly a cheerful topic to think about, but certainly thought-provoking.

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