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One New Thing
Tuesday, June 15, 2004
One New Thing: Recalling MARC

I’m sure most librarians are introduced to MARC in library school, learn how it works, then completely forget what all those tags mean (unless you’re actively involved in cataloguing). Catalogablog pointed to this Authority Tutorial for MARC which works great both as a tutorial and a quick reference – thankyou to the authors for not making the quizzes compulsory! :) I have – admittedly on rare occasions – resorted to staring at a MARC record to work out obscure details of publications, so it’s worth taking a refresher now and again even if you never plan to catalogue.

P.S. I’ve set up a blog/RSS feed for when I update my web directory, the New Librarian’s Resource Page. The blog is at http://nlrp-updates.blogspot.com and the feed is at http://nlrp-updates.blogspot.com/atom.xml (I usually update the site every few weeks, so I won’t be posting an overwhelming amount.)

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