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One New Thing
Monday, June 21, 2004
One New Thing: Project management stuff.

I learnt this because I went to a short course on it today at work. Being a short course it means that I’m obviously not an expert in it now, but I’m glad to have learnt particularly that most projects don’t blow out of time and budget because of planning problems, they blow out because the scope of the project changes. If you wanted to learn about this stuff we were given a link to The Busy Person’s Project
Management Book
(PDF) which is a short and sweet 81-page introduction to project management.

Update: Apologies if you got today's post twice. Blogger broke during publish, and told me to go back to the homepage, and then informed me that "www.blogger.com doesn't exist on this server". Yet it somehow managed to publish...now that's tenacity! :)

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