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One New Thing
Wednesday, June 16, 2004
One New Thing: The potentials of RFID.

Once upon a time in a class long ago I remember discussing the use of radio frequency ID tags for library books to make book location, specifically shelf-reading, an awful lot easier. Someone on NewGrad today pointed to this article, Shelf-control the answer for Vatican, which talks about plans to attach RFID tags to large portions of the Vatican library’s collection to make it easier to maintain and tells you a little bit about how the tags can be useful.

A good place to start looking at the details about RFID tags is a paper on the ALA website, RFID Technology for Libraries. I found this very interesting: particularly the section about privacy concerns, and the example that if someone evaded the security system and ran out of the library with a book, you would be able to find out immediately what had been stolen. If you had RFID tags on patron library cards as well, you would also know who had taken the book…

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